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The only adventure Violet Greyson has ever known has come from books, but that all changes when her father dies, and she moves from remote Dartmoor to London. There, she finds her purpose amongst the pioneers of women’s education and begins a new life as a teacher’s assistant at one of England's first academic ladies’ colleges. Love is the last thing on Violet's mind as she embarks on her new venture, but the harder she works to prove her worth to her capricious classics master, the more attached she becomes to him.

Byron Thomas, schoolmaster at the prestigious St. James’s Independent School for Boys, set out in life determined to be different from his brutish father but became disillusioned and bitter after typhus took his beloved wife and infant daughter. Beset with pain, he sets his sights on a marriage of convenience to the headmaster’s stepdaughter. But his plans become muddled when he agrees to teach a course in the classics at a new ladies’ college. Drawn to his intelligent and fiery assistant, Byron struggles to maintain a proper master-student relationship as she begins to chip away at the shield that guards his heart.

Will love derail Violet’s and Byron’s plans for their futures, or will it bring them the happiness they thought out of reach?


Newly arrived in Mayfair, writer Jack Bastin becomes the darling of high society after catapulting to fame with the success of his first novel. Charismatic, enigmatic, and independently wealthy, Jack appears to live the carefree life of a notorious rake and celebrated author. But beneath this façade lies an artist haunted by a painful past and crippled by a desire for vengeance against the man who wronged him as a boy. Jack plots revenge while hiding his true identity and living a life that leaves him detached and wholly unprepared for the muse who steps into his path.

Ottilie Hamilton, a mathematics instructor and founding faculty member of Canterbury Ladies’ College in Kent, relishes her independence and is committed to her cause of furthering higher education for women in England. Nonetheless, Lady Hudsyn is determined to see her wayward niece married and schemes to find Ottilie a suitable husband during her visit at the tail-end of the season. But the only gentleman Ottilie wants to meet while in London is the notorious novelist Jack Bastin—not because he is the most attractive man she has ever seen, but because she hopes to enlist him for her cause.

Ottilie garners an introduction to Jack via her cousin, and their mutual attraction blossoms, giving way to the possibility of love—until the past collides with the present and plays havoc with their trust and future happiness.

Will the past pull them apart, or will it bring them together?


Annabel Leonard’s life takes a drastic turn when her father, a wealthy confectionary merchant, demands that she marry a bankrupt viscount to merge the family fortune with a title. Annabel soon discovers that the intended viscount is a brute who masks his sadistic proclivities behind good looks and charm. When her hard-headed father and conniving stepmother refuse to listen to reason, she takes matters into her own hands, plotting her escape and fleeing her home late one night.

Since discovering a family secret that casts doubt on his paternity and title, Lord Henry Hudsyn has been on a downward spiral, causing those who love him to grow concerned about his drinking and gambling habits. Henry travels to Canterbury to appease his worried cousin and attempts to rehabilitate himself by volunteering at her ladies’ college. Things look up when he meets Anne Crawford, a charming young widow. But little does Henry know the woman he is falling in love with isn't a widow named Anne Crawford. She's Annabel Leonard—the missing young heiress betrothed to Henry’s nemesis–whose sudden disappearance from her father’s Park Lane mansion has headlined the newspapers for weeks.

This dangerous reality has dire consequences that threaten to derail blossoming love and future happiness.

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